Holding ACS sign with SIGIT

As part of the ongoing efforts to implement the directives of the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Mr. Ali Aoun, to intensify efforts to support the automotive industry in Algeria and increase national integration by seeking experienced industrial and technologically capable economic partners with international standards to produce automotive components locally, a meeting was held today at the headquarters of the holding company #HOLDING_ACS. The meeting was between Mr. Samir Yahyaoui, the CEO of the holding company for chemical specialties, and Mr. Lorenzo Manoni, partner and technical general manager of the global company Sigit #SIGIT, specialized in the production of plastic and rubber structures for major car manufacturers, including Fiat #FIAT, Skoda #SKODA, Volkswagen #VOLKSWAGEN, and Geely #GEELY.

📌This meeting, attended by the representative of Sigit in Algeria, as well as the executives of the holding company and the CEO of the relevant subsidiary “Plastic and Rubber Complex” #ENPC, resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish a joint venture between the holding company ACS and Sigit to produce all types of plastic and rubber components and tires for cars, which will later extend to the fields of painting and glass, as the holding company is also active in these two areas. As for the location of the joint company, it is likely to be in the state of Oran.

📌After the signing, Mr. Samir Yahyaoui emphasized the importance of this project, which aligns with the actual launch of the automotive industry in Algeria and concurrent with the rush of major car manufacturers to invest in the Algerian market. This necessitates working to implement it in the near future. Mr. Manoni expressed his great confidence in the success of the project and his company’s readiness to provide support on all fronts, including technological and technical aspects, including the technological transformation of Algeria in their field of expertise.