Why Visit ?

The largest event of Chemical  Industry in Algeria, is focused on providing its attendees access and networking opportunities to meet top CEOs, Manufacturers, Industry Peers, Purchase Managers, Suppliers from Algeria and around the globe. Visiting to AlgeriaChem 2024 will be an opportunity to :

  • Network with key players in both the National and Overseas markets
  • Innovative products ideas ,research and technology along with latest information of Developing markets Information on key industry trends
  • Face to Face interaction between the Buyers and Sellers
  • More than 5,000 Business Visitors
  • Benefit from Visiting Concurrent events like The Coating Expo Algeria 2024 – the International Exhibition of Paint, Coating, Surface treatment and Building chemistry , and Corrosia 2024 – The first North Africa Anti Corrosion Conference.
  • The gathering consisted of senior officials of Government of India, Diplomats, CEOs and Top Officials from the chemical companies from Algeria and abroad, academicians and students.
  • By attending AlgeriaChem, you can benchmark your products, services, and practices against competitors. This can help you identify areas for improvement and stay competitive in the marke.
  • Emerging Market Dynamics

    Algeria is witnessing rapid industrialization, with a particular focus on the chemical sector. By showcasing your products and services at AlgeriaChem, you position your company at the forefront of this evolving market, ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities

  • Government Support

    Benefit from a business-friendly environment with the Algerian government’s proactive support and initiatives to attract foreign investment in the chemical sector.

  • Networking with Key Stakeholders

    AlgeriaChem attracts a diverse array of industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential business partners from the global chemical industry. This presents a unique opportunity for your company to foster valuable connections, explore collaborations, and expand your international network

  • Showcase Innovation to a Targeted Audience

    AlgeriaChem provides a platform to showcase your latest innovations, technologies, and solutions to an engaged and receptive audience. Gain visibility among key players in the Algerian and North African chemical industry

  • Strategic Gateway to North Africa

    Algeria, strategically located at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, serves as a gateway to North Africa. By exhibiting at AlgeriaChem, your company gains access to a burgeoning market with substantial growth potential

  • Supportive Environment for Business Expansion

    AlgeriaChem facilitates an environment conducive to business expansion, offering insights into local regulations, market trends, and the competitive landscape. Take advantage of this knowledge to make informed decisions and solidify your position in the Algerian market